Case study 7 - Capability development

Hague developed and carried out a national capability development initiative for a large social services organisation. The initiative included data and thematic analysis, interviews, workshops and the development of an integrated programme of work.

Key components of the initiative were:

  • Developing an understanding of the core values and culture of the organisation.
  • Working from a strengths-based approach that values and builds on internal ideas and resources.
  • Running workshops that used both creativity and reflection to break through established positions and views.
  • De-constructing elements of capability to assess strengths and key gaps.
  • Using the ADKAR change model to support real change from within.
  • Involving several hundred staff in a ground up strategy building exercise to demonstrate authenticity.
  • Targeting all levels of the organisation with a range of key tasks to ensure widespread participation.
  • Using evidence-based models wherever possible to achieve credibility.
  • Confronting issues honestly while supporting people individually.
  • Achieving both top leadership support and high levels of ground-level engagement.

An initiative of this nature has long term implications for both culture and capability but high levels of engagement and low levels of resistance have already been witnessed and reported by staff and management.


Align services
to client needs

Create roadmaps/
change plans

Deliver change initiatives,
project and programmes

Create internal capability
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