ACT - ways we can help you make results happen

Initiate improvements

Align services to client needs

Manage solution procurement

Create internal capability

Design projects and programmes

Rescue non-performing projects

Create roadmaps/change plans

Deliver change initiatives,
project and programmes

Independent project board members


Case studies - Act

Programme management & Business Process Reengineering in the Health sector.  Hague led the design and implementation of a national solution ('Socrates') for managing disability service provision.  Read more...

Project management design & delivery for the Ministry of Health. Project management of a major software initiative. Read more...

Project rescue; financial software projectHague took over the management of a failing software development initiative, reconfigured the project, resolved the issues and rolled out the application nationally across the organisation. Read more...

Capability development. Hague developed and carried out a national capability development initiative for a large social services organisation. Read more...

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