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Business Intelligence

To implement strategy we need good information.  We need info to identify problems and opportunities, to inform strategic choices, to define scope, to recognise risk, to measure progress and to ensure we realise benefits. We also need that info at our fingertips. Hague Consulting has many years' experience in optimising your use of data, managing data migration and building business intelligence solutions.

Amid the hype about Big Data we risk losing sight of Small Data - the vital information we need to inform our decisions and guide our operations.  We help clients implement strategy.  That often means helping identify what is important to do right now and what can wait.  Surprisingly many clients struggle to do this because they lack a clear view of the information needed to inform their choices.

We create strategic and operational plans then measure our progress towards them with a range of performance measures.  Unfortunately what is measured is not always what should be measured to accurately reflect progress. Often it is the things that are easiest to measure that get captured rather than what matters most because data isn't available, the analysis appears too difficult or there isn't the time or the skill available to create better measures. We can help.

Vinay Karepalli joins Hague Consulting with an MBA, a post graduate IT Diploma and international experience in enterprise supply chain processes and reporting.  Vinay invites you to join his new LinkedIn group:  Fingertip Info   where he will be sharing insights into how you can get the information you need at your fingertips. We also invite you to share your experiences and ideas.  Please take a look.

See our short post on self service BI tools here.
Click here to visit or join the group on LinkedIn: Fingertip Info  

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