Management Consulting - offering insight, reviewing direction

Management consulting is the provision of advice on management problems, challenges and opportunities. We believe any management consulting engagement should increase the capability of an organisation and should never create dependency upon the management consultant. Hague offers independent, objective analysis, advice and action by offering reflection on your proposed or actual practices, facilitating strategic planning, preparing business cases, providing specialist advice on processes and systems, identifying facts, proposing alternative views, evaluating a project or programme of work, managing projects or initiatives, solving problems and creating progress on stalled initiatives.

Strategy Implementation - Strategy Execution

Your strategy may be well developed and clearly expressed but the path to making it reality may not be so clear. Hague has a strong focus on delivering against ambitious goals and in helping clients develop their own delivery capability.  We can break down strategic goals into tactical steps.  We can identify obstacles and constraints and suggest ways to manage them.  We can help with options analysis and intervention logic and develop a business case or help you to do it.  We can either design and run a project or programme for you or we can just fill the gaps in your existing capability if that is what you need.  Your strategy is your business and we won't take it over for you but we can help ensure that it happens. We provide project scoping, project management, programme management and project consulting services.  We can also provide an independent Project Board member to guide your strategic initiative and help ensure its success.

Service improvement

Your organisation may seem to have all the right components in place to deliver on your strategy but the quality of service delivery may not meet the expectations of your customers or stakeholders. We can work with you to find out what is holding back your service performance and quickly help you perform at your best then help create the capability for you to ensure you do so in future.

Planning workshops

We help plan strategy implementation through facilitation of workshops, collation of planning information, preparation of plans and business cases and conducting surveys and feasibility studies. Our management consulting work involves us in workshops and planning sessions. We regularly plan and run seminars and workshops for 10-60 people, including design, facilitation, travel bookings, venue arrangements etc. We have also project managed international conferences for over 300 people. Our specialist Associates bring a wealth of strategic planning experience to our engagements.

Project Management

Hague can provide a project manager or we can provide advice or assistance with specific project management tasks such as business case preparation or review of an existing project business case, project scoping, procurement, project scheduling, project costing, gate reviews, project governance assistance, project post implementation review or other aspects of project delivery. We can also provide an independent voice on a steering group or project board.

Project Governance

Good Project Governance and Executive Sponsorship are two of the best predictors of project success as well as being significant contributors to other predictors such as scope management. Hague offer both standard and customised workshops for Executives who need to sit on Project Boards or Project Steering Committees. We also offer one on one coaching or mentoring for Executives taking on project governance roles.  Ask us how we can help.

Change management

Hague can help your organisation through periods of change. We have experience in business growth, business process re-engineering, integration of business units, cost reduction measures, restructuring and systems rationalisation. Our focus is on the tangible aspects of change management – communication, maintaining service levels, business continuity, data integrity and benefits realisation.

Business intelligence

Business Intelligence is about giving usable insights to decision-makers in a timely manner.  We can develop practical, user-friendly BI solutions in less time than the scoping stage of many typical BI projects and we can do so with standard enterprise software.   If you are sick of big talk about “Big Data” and just want management information and insights you can use now then give us a call.  We can apply our Plan, Design, Build, Launch process to give you a desktop BI solution for most mid-sized datasets in months rather than years with minimal ongoing costs and single-click creation of tables, charts, maps and, with a little more work - infographics.

Evaluation and Review

Hague Consulting Limited can provide a brief or a comprehensive review of aspects of your operations. We specialise in reviews of effectiveness and efficiency. Hague can conduct a project audit to assess progress of a project against a business case, project scope or project objectives. We can also perform programme evaluations of a programme or service you offer or assess the effectiveness of a pilot and provide advice on implementing new services. We use proven methodologies and tools drawn from the disciplines of research and evaluation, business excellence, information technology, project management and management consulting.

Capability development

Identification of what needs to change is only the start of the journey.  The ability to make necessary changes and to sustain them is dependent upon the capability of people in key roles and the organisation as a whole.  We can use  a range of tools to assess capability and work with you to create a capability development plan tailored to your needs so you can take a strategic and planned approach to enabling strategy implementation through a combination of technical and emotional skills and structured interventions to gradually shape an organisational culture that reflects where you need to be.

Independent advice - project boards, strategic initiatives

If you need someone to advise you on a key initiative, represent you on a steering group or project board or maintain a watching brief on a situation we can provide a Certified Management Consultant to advise and support you on a scheduled or ad hoc basis while you remain totally in control of the scale and scope of the engagement.   Whether you need a trusted advisor to guide you through a challenging period or to support you or a staff member we can help.

Multi-disciplinary project teams

Hague Consulting Limited has experience in providing a team to meet specialist business requirements. We have experience providing evaluation, business analysis, project management, project administration, database development, data migration and other specialist services and taking responsibility for the management of those specialists, either on your premises or at our fully equipped and secure offices in central Wellington. 

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