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Business intelligence

Cross-sector government agency

Hague received a brief from a Client with a broad range of ideas for improving the quality of information collected across its area of responsibility. Advice was sought on the best way to structure a series of projects to achieve desired outcomes.   Scoping work revealed a number of data issues that would need to be dealt with first.  The initial brief evolved into an agreement to help the client establish a sound foundation for future data quality initiatives.


Hague then designed, developed and implemented a data store and business intelligence solution using simple elements that fitted seamlessly within the organisation's existing information architecture.  That work was completed on time and on budget with documentation and user training and extra functionality outside the original scope at no extra cost.


The Client is now able to demonstrate sector leadership and provide executive level information quickly and easily on demand. There is a roadmap for sector data standards and stakeholders are aligned and supportive of future work to build on this success.

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